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How much do you care about our environment? Find out why we offer computer recycling "FREE". 

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Electronics Recycling - Free

We recycle all electronics. While our desire is to make it easy to recycle everything at no cost to you..

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Free Recycling drop-off

Its so easy to recycle your electronics with us. Drop them off at our warehouse at no-charge, no appointment needed.

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Why We Recycle Electronics:

A belief that, in our own small way, we can change the environment and the world we live in.

Not only do we like to see the smiles on our customers' faces when we recycle computers from their offices or homes, but our mutual actions have a bigger impact. For every electronic that we recycle, we save the environment from landfills coming from eWaste. We get a chance to repurpose or break down parts from the computers.

We create jobs, we repurpose some functioning equipment to deserving people who need the electronic "trash". We also donate to needy people, who don't have a laptop or monitor or computer.

Your action today, will help us achieve this goal. Thousands of people have benefitted from our community computer recycling programs.

We also work with cities, towns, churches, and schools to conduct environmental recycling days that help generate money for school or community activities.

Be part of a growing number of people and organizations who understand their actions today, will impact the world and make a better place in 10-20-30 years.


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