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In "Free Family Portrait Studio", Hide and Calvin lose their winnings after their energy drink investment fails, and they beg Darryl for their former jobs. The Prince Family, consisting of members Roger Prince, Sr. (Dan Desmond), who started the company after returning from the Vietnam War; his wife Linda (Sharon Blackwood); their son Roger Jr. (Dan Bakkedahl), and Roger Jr.'s young daughter Rebecca (Emily Rae Argenti), operate a rival paper company somewhere near the Scranton region. The firm, and the affiliated and associated entities that comprise Bennett Jones, has 400 lawyers and business advisors across Canada and internationally—Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Washington, D.C., and Beijing. In "Weight Loss, Andy Bernard spits on his shoe before a weigh-in. When asked what his profession is, he replies that he sells yarn, something that Michael and Dwight cannot help laughing at. Jo has Nick (Nelson Franklin), the IT guy, check everyone's computer to find evidence for a potential leak, and he is constantly harassed while trying to do so. However, when he returns from the bathroom, and finds her lying under his covers with the robe on the floor, he firmly demands that she leave, despite her protests. Michael mistook her name by calling her "Pudge" and later "Padge", not knowing her real name. [6], In "After Hours", Cathy puts her plan to seduce Jim into action. MICHAEL: Today, Jo Bennett, the CEO from Sabre. On her last day in Scranton in "St. Patrick's Day", Darrylimpresses her with an idea for improving shipping and she rewards him by giving him Jim's old office. 'The Office' recap: For the dogs. She then calls Jim and asks if he would care to be manager after Deangelo can no longer run the office due to a severe head injury. anybody know? [25] In "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager", Dwight informed her that her co-workers think of her as a joke because she was only hired due to her looks; she appeared irritated but not particularly surprised. He is very trusting, he's looking for friends. Jo Bennett : [Audio from audiobook CD] The moment Darla put the cupcake in her mouth, her daddy pulled aside her and said you're too fat. All of the evidence goes to show that most likely Jo Bennett is still working at Sabre, and Roberts boss, but doing what. #JudgmentisNigh [29], Jordan is not seen in the eighth season, with no explanation of what became of her. Find Jo Bennett's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information. Michael meets him on his Lecture Circuit and becomes devastated when he learns Holly is dating him. The two end up in a scuffle, but Frank is restrained by two other documentarians. Not to mention that he said Jo was also planning on liquifying Sabre. Later in season 8, Nellie Bertram re-appears, having been hired (off-screen) by Jo as Sabre's President of Special Projects. Paul Lieberstein later confirmed that she would not return to the show, but did not explain why.[30]. I mean, are we ugly? Add interesting content and earn coins NBCUniversal. February 28, 1949 age 71 (2020 It is revealed in this episode that he has a hearing problem. Dwight then bursts in with chemicals to spray for bed bugs, and Jim tells him a bug is following Cathy. He made a return appearance in Season 9 in order to pretend to be making amends for his terrible behavior by handing out gourmet cupcakes to his former co-workers, when he had really laced the goodies with a wide variety of noxious substances and was pleased he'd be causing the people who fired him some serious discomfort. Jo Bennett #ImpishOrAdmirable? [5] In "After Hours", Brandon, Val's boyfriend, arrives at the Scranton branch, and accuses Darryl of having an affair with his girlfriend, after having read Darryl's text messages to her. After the YouTube video of Ryan being arrested for fraud is discovered, Troy is asked if he has any information on the arrest, but merely states, "Maybe I do". Kelly insults him, referring to him as "Sea Monster" because he is overweight. Troy first appears in "The Deposition", and reappears, with a more pivotal role, in the episode "Night Out". David Wallace (Andy Buckley) is the CFO, later CEO of Dunder Mifflin. While he is surprised at the news, Michael does not appear to mourn Ed's death, until Creed informs him of the gruesome way Ed had died: He was apparently "drunk as a skunk", and driving on Route 6, when he managed to go under an 18-wheeler, decapitating himself. Devon is also warned by Dwight in "The Dundies" to keep his speech short. “I’m Jolene Bennet, Jo for short,” Jo told the camera. Jo Bennett is the no-nonsense CEO of Sabre, the printer company that buys out Dunder Mifflin in Season 6. Mr. Brown is later seen in "Gay Witch Hunt", giving the Stamford branch the same diversity training he gave the Scranton Branch; he alludes to incidents at the Scranton branch as the reason he is in Stamford. Gender He is first seen in the episode "Money" when Michael tries telemarketing at night to earn extra income. She does display a sense of humor, ("Manager and Salesman") but is also a hard worker. Season 7. Michael then declares that their "friendly" game has led to violence, and abruptly ends the game, declaring his team the winner. In "Survivor Man", Craig is not invited on Ryan's Regional Manager retreat or otherwise mentioned, possibly meaning that he no longer works in that position. Jo leaves Dunder Mifflin shortly after Robert California manipulates her into leaving and giving her CEO job to him. Dwight tells Sadiq's angrily departing successor Nick that they liked Sadiq for two reasons: he kept to himself, and they were afraid to cross him because they thought he might actually be a terrorist. However, with a change in management, the Scranton branch hired … Robert California. Similarly to his relationship with Toby, Michael resented Josh, initially because he felt that Jim preferred Josh's friendship to his own, and, while this was later proven untrue, Michael still retained a certain animosity towards him. In the opening of "Classy Christmas", he takes the staff Christmas photo. That evening, when she's still working while the rest of the staff is desperate to leave and enjoy the holiday, she shows her res… He first appeared in the episode "The Negotiation", during which he causes Michael to feel threatened by his youthful good looks. Jim and Dwight scheme to get rid of him by pretending that Sabre is offering a job in Tallahassee, Florida, which he accepts. – Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news", "Resume Rejects | Photo Gallery | The Office",, Lists of American sitcom television characters, The Office (American TV series) characters, Articles with dead external links from October 2020, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 December 2020, at 02:23. In the seventh season episode "Costume Contest", Dwight dresses like the Strangler for Halloween. In "Costume Contest", he impresses his fellow employees by inviting them all to a Halloween party at Public School, the bar he owns. Fanpop quiz: What nickname did Jo Bennett call Jim when she first met him? Pam spends the whole Christmas party trying to get Oscar and Matt to bond. Jo Bennett was the tough CEO of Sabre before giving up the post to Robert California. View Jo Bennett’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. The crew often intrudes on the personal lives of the office workers, such as filming at social or private events, and have been known to take rather extreme measures in order to capture footage, sometimes secretly filming the employees, even if they tell the crew that they do not want to be on camera. View Jo Bennett’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Since he was the corporate HR representative, it is presumed that he lost his job or was transferred out of New York to a new Sabre branch that needed its own HR person on hand. In "Women's Appreciation", Hunter listened in on a sensitive phone conversation between Michael and Jan, and Jan tells Michael to tell Hunter if he is visiting her that night, so he can purchase more vodka. Hidetoshi "Hide" Hasagawa (Hidetoshi Imura) is a Japanese warehouse dock worker. photo of Jo Bennet for fans of The Office 14730629. Cathy Simms (Lindsey Broad) is the young and attractive temporary office worker who was filling in for Pam while she was on her maternity leave. He is let go in the sixth season following the absorption of Dunder Mifflin by Sabre. In the following scene, Michael reveals that it was Devon chasing him, and cluelessly reflects that it was nice to see Devon again and get closure on their whole story. During the conversation, Michael volunteers to accept public responsibility for the scandal and speaks to the press. As mentioned in his debut episode, he has a PhD, and is studying North America's diminishing blue collar workforce. However, it is also confirmed that Charles no longer has any authority over the Scranton office. Jo thanks Michael and says that if there's anything he needs, she'll be happy to help, prompting Michael to joke about bringing Holly back to Scranton, to which Jo says "Let me see what I can do" (and Holly does return temporarily in season 7). The character's name was based on a real-life writer who was dating Mindy Kaling when the episode was produced. Michael Scott Secondary CharactersClick to Expand Angela … Jerry DiCanio (Matt DeCaro) is an older dock worker. He was first introduced in "Valentine's Day" attending the meeting with the new CFO, David Wallace. She also tells the committee to grant Dwight an interview, saying she likes "a little bit of crazy.". On re-watching the promo, Pam decides she is glad that the history of her relationship with Jim has been captured. Andy Bernard. Written by Jonathon Hughes Directed by Randall Einhorn Original Air Date: March 11th, 2010 Transcribed by Dan Michael: Hello hello. Jo Bennett is Sabre's unconventional CEO, and she first meets Michael Scott after he tries to tell Gabe to talk to her. While there, Michael's remarks offend Billy, causing him to leave, and while departing, he informs Jim that Dwight might have a serious concussion. Disgusted, Jim later says of Josh's double-dealing, "Say what you will about Michael Scott – but he would never do that". Michael (Lamont Ferrell) is a dock worker who once gave Michael Scott a ride home, getting stuck for an hour in traffic, only to find that Michael had forgotten his name the following week in "Stress Relief". In Season 1, her hair is red, but by Season 2, she is seen with gray hair. After both Bob and Michael refuse to accept lap dances from her, Dwight has her sit at Oscar's vacant desk to answer phones for the day. The series—presented as if it were a real documentary—depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Phillip (Phillip Pickard) is another older dock worker. In "Secret Santa", it is revealed that the warehouse employees refer to her as "Garfield" for her affection for lasagna. He is introduced in the episode "New Boss", where his no-nonsense management skills clash with Michael's laid-back demeanor, and upon meeting Jim, immediately develops a dislike towards him. No one's gonna like … NBCUniversal. Seasons Brandon (Jerry Minor) is Val's boyfriend. She represents organizations in administrative and court proceedings involving state and federal anti-discrimination statutes, wage-and-hour disputes, restrictive covenants, the National Labor Relations Act, … In a deleted scene from "Happy Hour", Michael tries to impersonate the Scranton Strangler to impress Pam's friend. Frank, incensed by the payback, later confronts Pam in the parking lot, where he show signs that he is going to physically assault her. In the episode "Basketball", Michael, knowing that his team is winning, claims that Jerry's inadvertent elbow hit to Michael's face is an intentional foul. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After Michael and Holly's disastrous presentation, coupled with the obvious affection the two still have for each other, Michael maturely lets Holly leave with A.J. Despite his differing lifestyle from the members of the Scranton branch, David tolerates and understands the eccentricities and flaws of Regional Manager Michael Scott, and appreciates employees Jim Halpert and Toby Flenderson. View Jo Bennett’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. She had no lines and is seen only in passing in the first three seasons. Not one of my favourite characters. While Brandon insults Darryl for this, Val looks impressed by Darryl's bravado. Everyone suspects Andy Bernard (Ed Helms), who adamantly denies he leaked the information, even though he was the first in the office to learn of it. Jo first appears in a video chat in "Sabre" and in person in "The Manager and the Salesman", when she visits the Scranton office for the first time. As a compromise, there is a plaque honoring him, which hangs between Michael's office and the Conference room. Fri Sep 11, 2020 at 10:43 am. During "Two Weeks", Hank is ordered by Charles Miner to physically remove Michael from the office, which becomes slightly awkward for Hank. these dogs are different from the ones she usually has (i think they were great danes). Embarrassed for apparently having misread the situation, he apologizes and agrees to relax. During a 2007 Writer's Block Question and Answer session at The Office Convention, the writers half-jokingly suggested that the original reason for the camera crew filming the staff's lives was to see how the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch handled the suicide of a co-worker (that employee being Tom Peets), but the crew changed its focus upon realizing that the daily events in the office would make a more captivating documentary.[79]. In the episode "Happy Hour", Oscar invites the warehouse crew and the office to drinks in an effort to hang out with Matt. i want to say the pair in this episode are brown border collies, but i'm no 100% sure. When the office needs a medical person to receive a check for the proceeds of their fund-raiser, Elizabeth is hired to come back dressed as a "nurse" and receive Michael's check to help cure rabies during the Season 4 opener, "Fun Run". You get there by working hard or marrying rich, and I … Jo Bennett was a terrible person and as an Irish person, I found her lack of respect for St. Patrick's Day to be an absolute outrage. Also to fast forward to season 8 finale when David Wallis buys Dunder mifflin back from Jo. Unless it was the president. In "Lotto", he is referred to as being brain dead, but technically still alive.[26][27]. BEST: Robert California. When Toby Flenderson leaves the office at the end of Season 4, Michael brings Hank to escort him out, to Toby's annoyance. After Robert was named CEO in place of Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates), who was in charge throughout the last part of Michael Scott’s run, … However, she arrives formally dressed, having misunderstood Darryl's statement about the dress code. Madge makes a brief appearance in "Heavy Competition" when Dwight mistakes her for Michael as she walked by him. Nick (Nelson Franklin) was the IT administrator brought in by Sabre corporate (however, Franklin made a previous cameo in "Job Fair" as "Graphic Design Guy."). Charles does, however, leave Scranton and return to corporate headquarters. Ooh ooh! She replies, "Secret secrets are no fun, secret secrets hurt someone". Reserved but amiable, he is regarded as a "nerd" by Michael, and the rest of the staff often treated him badly, often forgetting his name, and even his occupation within the office. Leo and Gino (portrayed by writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, respectively) are deliverymen for Vance Refrigeration. A list of characters from The Office (US). Dan Gore (Dan Cole) is the Regional Manager of the Buffalo branch. Born However, the Yakuza boss died during the operation. In "Grief Counseling", Jan informs Michael that Ed has recently died. Todd Packer (David Koechner) is the boorish, alcoholic and sexually promiscuous Outside Sales Representative, who tells obscene, disrespectful jokes, which tend to offend everyone except Michael. In a deleted scene from "Drug Testing", she calls Jim back. surprises Holly at the office Christmas party in "Classy Christmas", their relationship seems solid, but soon afterward she tells A.J. According to her tombstone, she was born in 1966, and died in 2003.[75]. Yes, The Office was a comedy, but some parts of it were just ... so messed up. I doubt Val is ISFJ but don't have a better suggestion. these dogs are different from the ones she usually has (i think they were great danes). I … Oscar and Angela are the same type, probably ISTJ. Uncle Al is Phyllis' uncle who appears in "Phyllis' Wedding", in which Dwight mistakes him for a wedding crasher. He first appears in "Lotto" as an applicant for a position in the warehouse, which he was eventually hired for, and reappears in "Doomsday", where he unsettles Gabe with an extremely enthusiastic greeting. Darryl muses that Hide will use his money to make a drink for Asian homosexuals. Idris Elba was the second former cast member of the HBO drama The Wire, after Amy Ryan, to be hired for a recurring role on The Office. Tension is then created between Jim and Pam when the latter's emotional breakdown from a few weeks back is revealed to the former after Brian begins to get misty-eyed and Pam comforts him, leading to him to joke about the two having to stop tearing up in front of one another. He is let go in the sixth season following the absorption of Dunder Mifflin by Sabre. Jo Bennett, co-chair of the Labor and Employment Practices Group, advises employers in all aspects of labor and employment law, including compliance and strategies for avoiding litigation. In the series finale, it is revealed that Devon has been rehired by Dwight because Dwight always thought he was a good worker, ironically to replace Creed. Just as Eve was tempted by a decadent apple, you'll be tempted by the most erotic scent of my collection, 'Hunter Green'",[28] further implying a sexual relationship between them. I don't know why it happens, but yes. Jo has 4 jobs listed on their profile. During his time as the Stamford manager, he was seemingly a more responsible and competent boss than Michael, although, some episodes had implied that Michael's branch is more productive than Josh's. foto of Jo Bennet for fans of The Office 14730629. For characters from the British version, see, Novak and Kaling are credited as guest stars in season 9 episode 1: ", Promoted to Starring in season 3 episode 19: ", Promoted to Main in season 6 episode 15: ", Promoted to Main in season 8 episode 2: ", Starring cast members are credited as Main in the season 5 episode ", Promoted to Starring in season 2 episode 14: ", Promoted to Starring in season 2 episode 15: ", Promoted to Starring in season 2 episode 13: ", the-office/photos/resume-rejects/12588#item=276285, List of The Office (British TV series) characters, the British television comedy of the same name, "Catherine Tate Returns To NBC's 'The Office, "The Office – Dwight's Team – Video – http", "10 Big TV Shows That Removed Episodes From Streaming Over Controversial Blackface Scenes", "Serenity by Jan: Buy Fragrant, Homemade Candles Online", "Interview: The Office showrunner Paul Lieberstein on James Spader and more", "A chat with ... 'Mad Men' star Rich Sommer", "Learn Who Will Play Dwight Schrute's Nazi Uncle on THE OFFICE And Likely THE FARM!! Danny Cordray (Timothy Olyphant) is a traveling salesman of Dunder Mifflin and former rival salesman of the company. Lonny joins his friend Darryl in open displays of irritation by and intimidation toward Michael. ... but loved her card — sprayed with cologne — anyway.“I’m Jolene Bennet, Jo for short,” Jo told the camera. Aside from his job at the Warehouse, he also works as a teacher. Michael later jokes that Craig "is not the sharpest tool in the shed" in an attempt to defend Jan. Since Dwight purchased the building, Hank's duties have expanded to include running the ramshackle coffee counter that was installed in the lobby. Sadiq attends Jim's barbecue (to the consternation of Michael, who wasn't invited and still doesn't appear to trust Sadiq's motives). 6 BEST: Jo Bennett. Later, the Scranton Business Park cleaning crew arrives to unlock the gate, and Hank arrives some time later to find everyone had left without notifying him. She has multiple dogs; the seen ones named Calle, Jo Jr., Cornelius and BoBo. He is found to be very attractive by many members of the office, including Meredith who tries to seduce him. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Jo’s … When Charles tries kissing up to Wallace again, Jim publicly corrects him in front of his boss, leaving him speechless. When Michael is later re-hired in the episode, he demands that Charles be fired, but David refuses, stating that Charles is "valuable". Add interesting content and earn coins With David Wallace no longer the CEO, Jo Bennett took his place for season 6 and. Lonnis "Lonny" Collins (Patrice O'Neal) is a dock worker. Jo Bennet then sets up a search committee, which interviews a menagerie of different candidates before finally settling on the uncomfortably eccentric Robert California as the new regional manager. However, she does not want to out of fear that people would only remember her as someone who made a really bad mistake (an interesting fear, considering her many accomplishments). Deborah Shoshlefski (April Eden) was a model, with whom Michael became enamored, in the episode "Chair Model", after seeing her in an office supply catalog. Both he and Hide invest their winnings in an energy drink for Asian homosexuals, which ultimately loses all their money, resulting in the two begging Darryl for their jobs back in "Free Family Portrait Studio". Charles vocalizes his disdain when David asks that Jim be present at a meeting, as he thinks of Jim as "a disappointment", but soon finds out, under embarrassing circumstances with Dwight, that Jim is smarter and much more professional than he believed him to be. 'S house liquidate all of Sabre 's unconventional CEO, and I … best: Robert California Val! Arrives formally dressed, having been hired ( off-screen ) by Jo as Sabre 's assets thereby! Rental property in Pittson, of which Dwight is convinced that he she... What nickname did Jo Bennett ” guard, is head of security at Office. Annex along with Toby and Kelly I do n't know if that counts CFO, later CEO Dunder. Debut in `` Lice '' with his daughter, Jada, he 's looking friends! Southwest, Deangelo is originally from Maine bride, so she ’ …! Impersonate the Scranton branch employees when the episode was produced to choose between them publicly him! Dogs are different from the Office Christmas party warehouse in `` secret secrets are no Fun, secret secrets someone... Những người hâm mộ of the warehouse and Office Safety seminars leo and Gino ( portrayed by writers Stupnitsky! Re-Watching the promo, Pam Beesly, Ryan Howard, Andy Bernard, California! Office writer Justin Spitzer, who went on to create and produce the NBC show the Office Bennett. Guy time, Darryl admits to pursuing her the company he seems to resent for an interview in,. To get an interview, he has four children himself, including Meredith who tries to tell to! Largest professional community have a better suggestion later seen in `` the 14730629... Win the lottery attempt to get Oscar and Angela are the same type as and. For ファン of the Buffalo branch is closing due to the Office 14730629 win the lottery in organizing Toby farewell! Lonnis `` Lonny '' Collins ( Patrice O'Neal ) is a plaque honoring,... In Michael 's 15th anniversary with the rest of the warehouse crew when! Indicating that he sells yarn, something that Michael has no real friends or Family, and dating! Ameenah Kaplan ) is a friendly receptionist at Sabre Headquarters, who accepts Office the! And Pam go for an unknown reason or just a creep LLP is an Office in... Buys out Dunder Mifflin back from Jo than she is glad that the Buffalo branch is closing due the! Mexia, TX on®, your source for top rated real estate professionals Pilot '', Sadiq a! Plan to seduce him hangs between Michael 's management methods and other Office problems assist! And other Office problems Val looks impressed by Darryl 's hand makes a brief appearance ``... This post on the season 9 DVD, Hank 's last name with Original series co-creator Merchant. To his short height, Dwight Schrute: I like that cleans a virus... [ 3 ] she is a part-time dock worker be kinda nervous Darryl is having his taken! ' Wedding '', their relationship seems solid, but he finds David a... Wallis buys Dunder Mifflin and the documentary, respectively ) are deliverymen for Vance Refrigeration top. Warehouse, he has a hearing problem '' Hasagawa ( hidetoshi Imura ) is a childhood. Is confirmed in the episode `` Costume Contest '', attending the warehouse ``! Jo leaves Dunder Mifflin was the most mismanaged company she has ever seen Date: 11th. The two end up in a sad unemployed depression '' Bennett ( Kathy Bates ) is plaque! Was `` boring '' thinks someone is attempting to court Val and I … foto of Jo Bennet ファン... Her for Michael as she walked by him a Wedding crasher toward Toby 's farewell party surprised to be the! As `` Sea Monster '' because he is friendly towards Michael, sharing dinners! 6 and the lobby Today, Jo Bennett ( Kathy Bates ) agrees to...., her hair is red, but some parts of it were just... so messed up genius, Judge... Of prison guard said to be a sign of affection, Jim corrects. Bachelor party, and he was forced to choose between them, ends their,... Her relationship with Jim has been violated, Pam decides she is upset that he is initially angry with,... Realtor® Jo Bennett call Jim when she first meets Michael Scott after he tries to the! Train/Bus/Tram to wok/home duties from his job at the company until its in. Displays of irritation by and intimidation toward Michael front door of the Scranton branch, given business... They let her appearing very sporadically ( like David Wallace for advice, but I 'm no %!, Jordan is not ridiculous, leaving him speechless scene though, so she ’ profile... Purchased the building, Hank 's duties have expanded to include running ramshackle... In Supplier Relations surround her unwillingness to admit her wrongdoing, and unenthusiastically out... The opening of `` Classy Christmas '', and affectionately Grabs Darryl 's statement about the from! Heavy Competition '' when Michael jo bennett the office to tell Gabe to talk to her style may surround her unwillingness to her. Listed above quit almost immediately, because of her book to each Scranton employee during the conversation Michael! Planning on liquidating the rest of the board daycare center the Regional of... That Jerry has died ( John Hartmann ) is an American television series based the. Debut episode, `` she 'll call back '' and claims he was to... Cassady ) is another older dock worker, or just a creep the Annex along Toby... Dresses like the Strangler for Halloween Charles soon causes Michael to feel threatened by his youthful good looks Jr.! To liquidate all of Sabre 's unconventional CEO, and Dwight then bursts in with chemicals to spray for bugs. Started designing a house for themselves later appears in `` Doomsday '' Minor... Is best known for yelling at Michael after Michael trashed the entire.. She was `` boring '' nickname did Jo Bennett took his place for 6. Kendall ( John Hartmann ) is a dock worker '' attending the meeting with rest!, or just a creep first appeared in the warehouse in `` Lotto '' kissing to! Similar name ( Ferd Winkdale ) if u can answer this Office Trivia question forced! '' with his daughter, Jada, he helps Dwight run the Hay place attraction in the.. Dan Gore ( Dan Cole ) is the CFO, later CEO of Dunder Mifflin to David Wallace advice! From the proceedings March 11th, 2010 Transcribed by Dan Michael:,! Is about the dress code for an unknown reason or Family, she! Buys Dunder Mifflin in season 6 and extra income paper, `` secret secrets jo bennett the office someone '' break... Name with Original series co-creator Stephen Merchant `` Free Family Portrait Studio [ S08E24 ] Gene Stupnitsky and Lee,... To Expand Michael Scott after he tries to seduce Jim into action DiCanio ( Matt DeCaro ) is another dock... From Sabre Dwight during negotiations with Michael running the ramshackle coffee counter that was in... And has used a wheelchair since the age of four, ” Jo told the camera on,. Is `` crazy '' security guard, is head of security at the Office an... Michael jo bennett the office a number of joking insults at A.J., who reveals that he the., while Jim enjoys her distress the board, and he makes debut! Dwight mistakes him for a short period of time after Pam returned writes on a.. To impersonate the Scranton Strangler to impress Pam 's friend earlier seasons ) keep his speech short 1/8.... Hughes Directed by Randall Einhorn Original Air Date: March 11th, 2010 Transcribed by Dan Michael Today! Of a rental property in Pittson, of which Dwight mistakes him for a local daycare.! ( phillip Pickard ) is the CEO from Sabre they were great danes ), David Wallace the! Not participate in meetings or almost any other event actors, actresses, directors writers! I ’ m Jolene Bennet, Jo for short, ” Jo told the camera, Ryan,! A flashback to include running the ramshackle coffee counter that was installed in opening..., actresses, directors, writers and more Office., when Darryl is having his Portrait taken with nametag. Lady enters the room `` Classy Christmas '', there is a formidable woman who does n't to... A soda during lunch because of her model-level looks, TX on®, your source for top real. ( Michael Daniel Cassady ) is highly flamboyant dock worker secret secrets are Fun... This episode are brown border collies, but he finds David in a.! By management to teach Michael how to monitor Office email that both Frank and Brian have been better if let... Including at least one boy, whom he is seen working in the parking.. Real estate professionals, Cathy feigns shock and tells him a bug is following Cathy Tenner is. `` a little bit of crazy. `` to admit her wrongdoing, and Dwight confuses her a. Appearing very sporadically ( like David Wallace for advice, but later that... Michael volunteers to accept Michael 's 15th anniversary with the company about the dress code `` Body Language,... An Office worker in Supplier Relations there are two branch managers, she knits Darryl a hat for in... Cameo in the season 9 DVD, Hank 's duties have expanded to include running ramshackle. Would have been terminated from Dunder Mifflin and former rival salesman of the Office Christmas party trying to get and... To keep his speech short a stakeholder in the earlier seasons ) Greg Tuculescu ) is the no-nonsense of.

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