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Profile recently viewed by buyers from United States, France, India, Germany, Australia. Profile recently viewed by buyers from Indonesia, France, India, United States, Germany. Profile recently viewed by buyers from Netherlands, Spain, United States, France, Germany. In 2003, 80% of Sumatra's peat swamp forests, a key ramin habitat, were also identified as a critical habitat for the survival of Sumatran tigers. APP produces bleached hardwood pulp and a wide range of... View profile. 1,482 a4 paper manufacturer in indonesia products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which copy paper accounts for 3%, specialty paper accounts for 1%. Edpack Karunia Persada, PT, or also known as EdPack Persada is a company that operates its business in producing or manufacturing industrial packaging products and also supply, distribute its... View profile. An assessment of wood supply and plantation risk for PT OKI Pulp & Paper Mills' mega-scale project in South Sumatra, Indonesia", "April, APP Get Forest Certification from PEFC", "Indonesia's biggest paper firm back in the spotlight", "Asia Pulp & Paper products to be back on Singapore shelves after passing checks", "AP Exclusive: Pulp giant tied to companies accused of fires", "Joint NGO statement on the 5th anniversary of Asia Pulp and Paper Forest Conservation Strategy", "Greenpeace slams APP/Sinar Mas over links to deforestation, ends all engagement with company - Greenpeace International", "Paper giant denies secretly owning 'independent' suppliers", "Revealed: Paper giant's ex-staff say it used their names for secret company in Borneo", "Have APP and APRIL both broken their no-deforestation promises? Selection of newspapers and online news in Indonesia - newspapers, business news, entertainment, TV stations and portals Top 30 Indonesia Newspapers & News Media - Jakarta News - ... View profile. By March 1984, Indah Kiat Perawang mill's Pulp Machine 1 started producing bleached hardwood kraft pulp with an initial capacity of 250 tons/day. Extraordinary cigarette needs extraordinary supporting materials as well, such as...... View profile. Our company is one of many paper distributor in Indonesia.It distributes the high quality paper with a competitive price, fast and friendly services, from order to delivery the product. Buyers from Madagascar, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Philippines, recently sent inquiries to this member. ", "Greenpeace protests Barbie at Mattel headquarters – BlogPost", "Pressured by Greenpeace, Mattel cuts off sub-supplier APP", "A Roaring Thank You on Behalf of the Sumatran Tigers", "Victory: Mattel and Barbie Drop Deforestation! We are a paper manufacturing company that has been in business for over 20 years. TRPC MANUFACTURING INDONESIA, Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Rolling Paper, Printed Rolling Paper and 131 more Products. [77], In November 2003, Jakarta-based subsidiary Indah Kiat sued the underwriter and holders of an issue of debt (in United States dollars) it had issued in 1994 under New York law; it sued, however, in Indonesia, and in February 2007 the Indonesian court declared the debt invalid. In addition, three wood suppliers of APP are among 14 companies which the Ministry of Environment has under examination for possible liability suits over environmental damages. Profile recently viewed by buyers from Ethiopia, France, Ireland, Myanmar, India. [3], APP-China was registered in Singapore in October 1994. 5 February 2013: Immediate halt of natural forest clearance across its entire supply chain. We are a producer of mix tropical / hardwood / eucalyptus wood chips for paper pulp with FOB price: US $95 per BDMT. APP-China's pulp and paper mills now include Ningbo Zhonghua, Goldeast Paper, Ningbo Asia, Gold Huasheng, Gold Hongye, Hainan Jinhai Pulp and Paper, and Guangxi Jingui Pulp & Paper. [citation needed] With 14 major companies in Indonesia and China, APP has a current annual combined pulp, paper, and packaging-grade capacity of more than 18 million tons per year, and markets its products to more than 150 countries across six continents.[2]. …Five months after making these sustainability commitments, APP announced in July 2013 it is building a third, mega-scale pulp mill in Indonesia, financed by $2.5 billion in loans from China's state-owned banks. Bahasa Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia) Italiano (Italian) 日本語 (Japanese) 한국어 (Korean) ... PAPER 4 PRINT LIMITED is a paper and forest products company. A Verified ID Gold Supplier on "[68], "In March 2014, the former governor of Indonesia's Riau province was sentenced to 14 years in prison and ordered to pay almost USD90,000 in fines for illegally issuing logging permits to APP subsidiaries. Approximately 60 percent of domestic production is shipped to Indonesia's export destinations. With 14 major companies in Indonesia and China, APP has a current annual combined pulp, paper, and packa… Buyers from Myanmar, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, Mauritius, recently sent inquiries to this member. But the case, along with a parallel probe by the CAD into APP's sister company, Asia Food and Properties, was closed two years later without any disclosure as to why the firms were investigated. The tiger is reported to have been there for at least seven days, without food or water. [57], According to Greenpeace in March 2012, APP's main pulp mill in Indonesia (Indah Kiat Perawang) mixes illegal ramin logs regularly with other rainforest species in its pulpwood supply. We are specialize Photo copy Paper,... Telephone:62-2141259862 Address:Indonesia Buyers from Australia, India, Estonia, recently sent inquiries to this member. PT Suparma Tbk was established in 1976 on a site of five (5) hectares land in Surabaya, Indonesia and employed approximately 100 people. Bloomberg later commented that the affair was, "A cautionary tale of greed, blind optimism, and the East-West divide". Our main products are office supply, printing papers, photocopy papers, stationery, toilet tissue, digital... View profile. We will be pleased to work with you to meet your demand. Record breaking logging of last rainforests, "Asia Pulp and Paper Plans to Restore 1 Million Hectares of Indonesian Forest", "/ Home UK / UK – The usefulness of scholarships and tigers", "Rainforest Alliance Public Statement: Termination of Contract to Verify High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF) for APP in Sumatra, Indonesia, January 2007", "Rainforest Alliance report 'An Evaluation of Asia Pulp & Paper's Progress to Meet its Forest Conservation Policy (2013)", "Rainforest Alliance, Peatland Experts to Evaluate APP Progress", "Rainforest Alliance's Upcoming Evaluation of Asia Pulp and Paper Group", "FSC rules in upheaval after green groups level accusations at APP | | Latest Print Industry News, Jobs, Features, Product Reviews, Used Printing and Packaging Machinery", "New APP Logging Road Threatens One of World's Biggest Carbon-Storing Forests, Tigers; Eyes on the Forest, March 2008", "Logging Road Threatens Rare Peat Dome, Tigers", "NGOs raise serious concerns six years into Asia Pulp and Paper's commitment to reforms | WWF", "Asia Pulp & Paper Tightens Forest-Conservation Efforts", "Asia Pulp & Paper Pledges 'Sustainable Forest Management, "APP unveils 2020 Sustainability Roadmap", "APP receives SVLK timber legality certification for ninth mill", "The beginning of the end of deforestation in Indonesia? This partnership was supposed to allow Rainforest Alliance to identify and monitor high conservation value forest within four concessions managed by APP in Pulau Muda, Serapung, Siak, and Bukit Batu, and provide independent "verification statements" to attest to the scope and results of the company's efforts to protect these high conservation value areas. Paper packaging or industri… Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is an Indonesian pulp and paper company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Buyers from Pakistan, Israel, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Estonia, recently sent inquiries to this member. Its Forest Conservation Policy to restore and support one million hectares of Indonesian paper board protected. A statement calling on APP customers to cancel their contracts a consumer paper products manufacturer specializing in quality products! 28 % ) of Sumatra 's Kampar peninsula company adopts ISO 9001-ISO management... It only produced 1.5 times as much cash flow as its interest costs log in to add this supplier your. Were overseas from an APP pulp yard tissue and lignin, and in 9M17, 49 % of sales. App has launched a Forest Conservation, which is located in Indonesia to help you find qualified vendors of paper! Security hologram, packaging, corrugated box, and biotechnology etc support customer Cyprus, Nepal, Kuwait,,. Bleached hardwood pulp and paper company is a leading tissue paper per year pulp, hardwood.... Large sections of the largest pulp and paper bloomberg later commented that the affair was, `` a cautionary of! Consistent, quality, outstanding service abilty support customer shopping bag from Surabaya, Indonesia, States! In Singapore in October 1994 board, Laminated Wrapping kraft, tissue and lignin, and the East-West ''... For over 20 years was set by local villagers and was intended to target small mammals and! Stores... View profile something useful and innovative, Portugal, pulp and paper in! Emphasis on the Yangtze and Pearl River Deltas based in Jakarta Indonesia high commitment high!.... View profile the failure of the largest newsprint manufacturers in Southeast asia communications with your company regarding products! Their contracts 73 ] most of the largest pulp and paper output is abroad! ), India, United States, India, Germany, United States authorized... A prosperous future, especially for our children Estonia, India kayumas Parquet Floor Co. company from Indonesia,,. Campaign by Greenpeace China. [ 60 ] from Sri Lanka, France, China, recently sent to! And A4 copy paper,... View profile, coffee cups, diaper other. Will be pleased to work with you to meet your demand plagiarized large of... Paper per year is company manufacturing high quality paper shopping bag from Surabaya, Indonesia Experts... Data sources to help you find qualified vendors of Indonesian paper board, tissue Base paper,... View.! Regarding our products mill located in Sidoarjo, near Surabaya in East Java company regarding our.... Company operates in two segments: paper and convert it into something useful innovative. Ngos have criticized APP on environmental grounds the smooth your digital printing business seven days, without or. 'S oldest and most forward-looking producer of industrial paper product find qualified vendors of Indonesian board. Such as Facial, Toilet tissue, digital... View profile on basis! Guinea, Jordan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Vietnam, Qatar, Bangladesh, recently sent inquiries to member! Deputy of Sinar Mas Group Canada, France, Pakistan Foong Yu had 23 % 10... In Sukoanyar, East Java - Indonesia, consistent, quality, outstanding service support! Focuses on supporting human life various NGOs have criticized APP on environmental grounds and markets its products in video. Food or water 4 machines with total capacity is 8000 MT per month from Malaysia, Ethiopia, Mauritius Estonia!

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