Computer Recycling – Free

We offer free computer recycling services to all businesses and organizations.

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Free Monitor Recycling

We offer free Monitor Recycling services. These must be flat screen monitors.

We charge $25 for CRT monitors.

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Free – Electronics Recycling

Theusedcomputers offer free electronics recycling for businesses and schools. There are no charges to recycle or have your equipment picked up.

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Industries We Help Recycle

We recycle electronics for a number of different industries to recycle their electronics. Industries including: Finance and Banking, Healthcare, Defense Agencies and Contractors, Education, Government, Electronics Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, Data Centers, Electronic Retailers, Storage Facilities, Telecommunications, Software Companies, and many others.

We work with a wide range of industries and know the necessary steps and protocol to handle and recycle all of your Electronics properly and securely. If you have any questions concerning recycling your electronics call us at 774 296 8985 or fill out our contact form.

Why we are different from others

What makes theusedcomputers recycling collection center different than others in the area is our Eco-Ethical methods for re-purposing and disposing of your electronics.  We take the time to dispose of data so that it is securely destroyed and protected from any breaches that could risk your business and/or reputation.


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