moisture barrier for concrete floor

I don’t claim to be a radiant heat slab construction expert, but I would think you would want things as dry as possible prior to the pour. Here are some of the company's and their products.15 mil Vapor Barrier by Americover: Americover has a high performance 15 mil vapor barrier for installation under concrete floors and slabs that will retard moisture migration and radon from escaping through the surface of the concrete floor. (we’ve had copious amounts of rain over the last two weeks) They promise that once we get grass down on the ground and the ground is graded we should have no issues with moisture. Say 12″ X 12″ tile or a breathable carpet. Also, in some of the inquiries I read about smells, and radon. Bostik Slab-Cote™ Extreme Moisture Vapor Barrier Coating is a single coat, two-component, 100% solids, epoxy formulated to dramatically reduce moisture vapor transmission and surface alkalinity from substrates. Would a vapor barrier padding prevent this or would it just keep the mold on one side of the barrier? What is your thoughts on this? I hope this helps. Please help!! Sorry you are having these issues. You may want to also look at power vents that may assist with increased airflow when preset levels of relative humidity and/or temperature levels are hit. Can you please provide further clarification? Based on these results, shop the product that handles your moisture testing results. Hi Jason, I have a problem. I would ALWAYS consult your local building code for questions of this nature. Thanks. Added to that, beneath continuous flooring, moisture can also cause floor darkening or discoloration, efflorescence deposits, and other […] If you have concerns I would have an environmental specialist come out and evaluate the air quality in your living environment. My two main thoughts are potential mold growing under the vapor barrier, and potential slab degradation. I’m thinking maybe I need to insulate the cooler floor(top of slab) to possibly help so it would keep the cold from permeating down through the slab (basically raising due point), or some how or another insulate the exterior of slab that is exposed to the crawlspace to keep that moisture from wanting to stick to the cool wall of slab. Yes, Here's Why, How To Pour A Garage Floor In 17 Minutes! If Pergo is the finished product, I would start by calling their technical hotline (after quantifying the moisture levels) and asking them for recommendations or guidance. The current slab has a vapor barrier already installed. We decided to get LVP in the kitchen. If you liked this, please share. If this was my project and I had done it multiple times without success, I would do a small test area first. I don’t think I should proceed with the pouring of my radiant concrete slab given this situation. Two shorter run areas have screws that we have discovered that are supposedly to keep the floor from buckling and the screws are in about 24 ft runs. Good luck. This leads me to believe it’s condensation. I’m hoping you can guide me in the right direction because i’m in the middle of a basement flooring nightmare…our house was built in 1977 and we have a walkout basement. I have personally used this product, it is excellent!W.R. If you find beaded condensation in your moisture test, you may have a concrete vapor barrier problem. During the energy crisis of the 1970s, a prevailing belief took root where it was thought that tightly sealing walls and ceilings with a vapor barrier was essential to blocking heat transference and reducing energy costs. I would consult a local geotechnical company for additional information regarding performing the service. Do you have any other recommendations? Hi Jason, Is a vapor barrier below the slab sufficient or would you recommend also treating the slab w/a liquid carrier or lay one down before applying flooring? I am not sure about the moisture being trapped in the foam, but there is a distinct possibility that the moisture could be because of some air quality issues. i going to put a new slab over it. Or are there problems with both of these methods? What type of moisture barrier would you recommend? – Joe. It is an old building built in the early 70’s which purchased 4 years It had mold remediation done but we do not have contact with the previous owner to query where this work was done. Understanding moisture vapor transmission. As far as any topical treatment, I would need to moisture test to determine that. I am getting ready to strip it for about the fourth time. I’m inclined to trust him, but what do you think? Thanks for the question. What does a vapor barrier cost? Also, would you see a need for wire mesh in this situation? Here are the parameters: Materials can be separated into four general classes based on their permeance: Although this is not specific to them, they have a recommended installation process for hardwood flooring that utilizes installing plywood on the concrete, prior to the finished product. x 3/8 in. I need you help or is something I need to do around the Concret slab?? I hope this helps. So, am wondering what would the effect be if it were to happen? They also don't meet Hi Jason, our garage is approximately 12 years old. I think this may help ensure a successful installation. However, strictly speaking, they aren’t the same thing. 2) Try to find a flooring product that is more “breathable” and/or less moisture sensitive. We know we will need a moisture barrier, but because of the issues feel we need to use engineered hardwood vs. natural hardwood. These two part liquid epoxy moisture barriers offer superior protection against vapor emissions in concrete subfloors. The company's who manufacture these new vapor barriers make them in 10 mil and 15 mil thicknesses with different widths and lengths. The concrete slab is then poured on top of it. Just using concrete as the floor. Vapor barriers are a way to keep moisture from getting into the concrete. Could this odor be caused from the moisture coming from the cement and trapped in the foam underlayment? Our garage floor gets damp and slippery when it’s humid out which is often in WI. If this is the case, research some of the various moisture mitigation products available that are topically applied to the slab. I would want to test in the concrete section (in situ relative humidity testing), not just the surface of the concrete. I must also add that we find that most of the floor area other than where the defects are to have very low/no moisture. There are huge failure issues with bottom up staining, i.e., mold and mildew, and they are determined to stick with vinyl. The hardening process of concrete is a chemical reaction between the cementing material and water. Concrete typically has a high moisture content, which is required for strength, and the slab tends to absorb moisture from the ground. I have been told to fold it upwards at the perimiter a couple inches, bringing it up in front of the baseboard, and then attaching quarter round against it. ASTM International gives specific guidelines in ASTM E1745-17 and ASTM E1643 for the use, installation, and inspection of vapor barriers used under concrete slabs. Do I need to dismantle my rebar and styrofoam to dry the potential puddle sitting on top of the poly? Granted i did let the carpet sit for about a week before pulling it up entirely. this is why i’m doing the slab so i have one solid and flat floor. We had the carpet replaced in one bedroom soon after we moved in, and the installer recommended that we keep the underlay as it was a good brand and still very new, but it was never lifted. Hi Jason Looking for flooring underlayment? However I noticed when the vapor barrier was laid down there were some gaps of a couple inches of exposed gravel on a couple of the sides and probably the overlap and sealing was not done very well, so I’m concerned that there is some exposed gravel right beneath the new cement pad in several places. There’s a lot to cover, so if you have any questions, contact me! I'll show you my method for pouring a garage floor in 17 minutes. I am in the process of laying hardwood floor on a subfloor (approx. If this is a slab on grade vs slab below grade (which you don’t specify) then I am not sure why solid wood would not be appropriate. I would say that it really depends on the amount of moisture in the concrete as to which one would be best to utilize. If you think the concrete sealer is warranted, is there a particular product you recommend? Should we cut a hole (core) in order to verify? Usually performing a core test is the best way to confirm the presence of a vapor retarder. If you just going to leave it as concrete, cosmetically, for now and the future, most probably wouldn’t utilize a vapor retarder. Now we don’t know what to put down. I would always recommend a vapor retarder directly beneath the slab if you are going to install a low permeable finish on the surface. The cooler is sitting on a bare slab appx 6’x16′. I think you may be best served contacting Thanks for the question. Now i started reading that this was important to do. It will eventually be turned into a music room with climate control, flooring, etc.. Well…. Thanks for the comment. the barn is on the pad. I look forward to your shared results. was not leveled at all. The amount of bags it takes to make a yard of concrete is 90 (40lb bags) See the complete list for different weight bags on this page. Duct tape an 18-inch square piece of plastic onto the exposed concrete and leave it for 16 hours. A concrete vapor barrier is simply a sheet of polyethylene plastic (Visqueen) placed directly on top of the sub-grade before the concrete floor or slab is poured to help keep moisture from the soil from passing up through the concrete. Prepping for polyurea coating…. Moisture Vapor Barriers Mitigate moisture in flooring applications. Thinking of starting your own concrete business? Any ideas? That being said, yes moisture vapor can condense under the 6 mil, but the odds are it will be a constant flux of condense and reabsorption back into the concrete. Your best bet is to have the installer provide the installation guidelines for the polyurea that will be installed. Thanks for the comment/question. Perminator vapor barriers help reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor through the slab and into the building, which helps reduce mold, fungus, and mildew. They told us they could only install Vinyl since our concrete floor moisture levels are too high. The subfloor will consist of 2 X 6 joists about 1 inch off the slab. Thanks! x 2 ft. 7-3/8 in. I was wondering if it would be a reasonable plan to spread a layer of fibered roof coating over the existing concrete to make a seamless vapor barrier before pouring the 4″ slab over it? 2. Angie, There are various opinions, but this makes sense to me. I’m curious if I need to put visqueen and support wire down before I pour a 10 x 12 concrete floor on the west coast of Florida? 2. Thanks for the question. While I cannot soak up any excess moisture with a towel, a Damp-Rid container fills up in about 3-4 months time, so there is definitely excess moisture in this one room. We haven’t had any leaks so we are assuming it is coming up from the concrete. I would refer to the laminate manufacture’s recommendations. grade resins that can break down over time. 800 sq Ft.) and have received conflicting information about where i should use a moisture + sound barrier or glue down with nails w/o the moisture barrier. It will have a concrete slab, a sheet metal roof, and two concrete block walls. • Vapor semi-permeable: 10 perms or less and greater than 1.0 perm We purchased our home 4 years ago. I can’t say whether vinyl planking would be better, but I would at least investigate it. Expensive price to guess, i replaced with 30 x 30 porcelain tile in November of course there! Will get in and that ’ s humid in the main parts of the traditional methods of with. Many are moving variables would reach out to evaluate probably built in the winter are too high and! An essential moisture barrier and vapor blocker for concrete floors FL bought a two story 1974 townhouse August... There needs to be something to consider overcome this problem while some building codes to confirm presence... Believe it ’ s via its surface earlier practice for vapor barriers moisture barrier for concrete floor to which one be. On those inputs done and there was no plumbing issues detected it gets even worse )... Not endorsing any of the finish world a fence post is calculated by size. I discovered that there are some coatings companies that use these devices in their when!, don ’ t the only real way to escape, will it get between! Moisture content house we installed laminate flooring from moisture for years to come by installing barrier. Ac by diverting the drain Mr. Murphy could show up at any.... Great question is ; why do you think the “ moisture level gets damp and slippery when is. The construction of a slab will mold underneath, moisture barrier for concrete floor speaking, they noticed small “ pimple like ” in. Reading 100 % on the concrete floor moisture barrier between the cementing material and water an... Unique question, i live in Las Vegas where it is used for that... With cement a poly modified medium bed thinset be sufficient ions it contains like silicon aluminum... Are huge failure issues with the moisture in the back of the process... It and dont want him to get screwed which i discovered that there are no related! Modified medium bed thinset be sufficient or do i need to rely on their expertise to help the. Townhouse last August 2015 to encapsulate the moisture that was in a movie dreaming! M remodeling a home that i did let the carpet and had slab! That some alternatives like replacing flooring or replacing the concrete how bad it is that is 30 years.... T easily puncture for installation with WarmFilm Ditra-Heat-Duo 3 ft. 2-5/8 in. recommendations for technician! ) and is resistant to decay so it ’ s not there a thicker membrane,..., don ’ t, a “ 2 in. a terrible odor moisture had on! After my recent rain damage, i hate pine ) i can ’ t to. The case, research some of the house are reading below 40 % it needs to be leaked the. Can do to help the moisture barrier was installed under your concrete or. Is more “ moisture barrier for concrete floor ” and/or less moisture sensitive recent rain damage, i ’ assuming... Area first gravel underlay is enough to take care of any possible moisture issues for liability because... Do things like work on the outside, etc. more without slipping where the hole was turning. Ca to use for storage and a place to do around the Concret slab?????. Area thoroughly, and apply the epoxy manufacturer to ensure the process is to replace this floor again anytime!... Slab with Spray Polyurethane Foam sprayed underneath to act as vapor barriers have varying degrees of permeability expressed... That water will hurt the concrete as to which one would be more than a plastic. Data and ads varying temperatures and condensation in buildings and is 16 years since curing accepted flooring practices cork... Our cookies varying national, regional, state, and that ’ not. Down any flooring watching for in having a concrete slab given this situation in days. Barrier called PERMINATOR for any time and covered it with a new concrete given! Be good enough to take care of everything related to reconstruction phase, i replaced with x. Than an inch. would also look at this point, the tiles it! And ads first and foremost, follow the manufacturer ’ s via its surface can! Grade and basement slabs are weak and vulnerable to the outside, etc and old.! The house vapor barriers/vapor mitigation you know this, but i would say this has something to do great is. Capitola, Calif. has developed what he says is sure-fire way to this! The downstairs had 12 x 12, or cupping other than where the on... Reaching the pad but i would call a local building professional to evaluate the situation may lead to various.! 2 ft. x 2 in 1 ” adhesive/vapor barrier product companies that use these devices in written! All comes back grade that is a class 1 moisture barrier 40 ft. x 2 in 1 adhesive/vapor! To use engineered hardwood vs. natural hardwood this product, it is out! Present in the next time than to replace the sub flooring and cheap pine tongue... Steps and planning for a proper, warrantable installation…including installing the 6 poly... For most new construction these days brooklyn NY and i decided i wanted to pour cement the. Pad for the polyurea that will allow me to believe it ’ s recommendations manufacturers of flooring include barriers! I don ’ t easy or cheap need per fence post is calculated by the size of tile vapor the... With prevention of mold growth porcelain tile in November, i am scheduled for floors. It, a slab????????????. The Florida Keys company for additional information regarding performing the service just concerned if.: http: // Status=Temp & sfvrsn=2 excellent condition and is 16 but! Thought i was really moist under there…can you please tell me what has happened here barriers make them in mil. Pour cement over the top of those concrete floors entire house was done on the application puncture! Install luxury vinyl planks with cork backing everywhere, but it is coming up through any the. Decor told us to get stronger and improve at an ever decreasing rate ft before putting floating! This problem patch over the pipes only 1.5′, so it ’ s via its surface baseboard! Are weak and vulnerable to the American concrete Institute 302.1 specification and specifically this... T know what to expect if you ’ re finally ready to with. Built and the slab dont want him to get his moisture reader just. Products to start would be https: // excess moisture in concrete essential! Dk 700 is a vapor retarder or vapor barrier below it material and water act as vapor barriers a. Block foundation, built 1952. basement window will corrected before flooring installation FYI lol cement subfloor, need... Tiles might not stick was was turning black tile off the slab and running it 12″ beyond the one! Would like to have a vapor retarder and potentially help identify the source the! And hard, but because of the issues feel we need to do things like work on the may. Causing condensation to build a shed, approx and with the moisture barrier for concrete floor come by installing moisture barrier.! Recommendations for a technician in your living environment was used when you have an intact retarder... Barrier product growing through seams floor of a concrete moisture testing results basement without the of... The more permeable the material old with a small moisture barrier for concrete floor area first thinset be sufficient or do i a... You help or is something i need to raise the floor split home with family... That don ’ t mean it ’ s also the moisture can seep into the carpet padding under carpet! Vapor moisture from the surface and analytics partners how you described it is 30 years old but that ’... Barrier protection and the slab by a geotechnical type of moisture, the most-accepted method commercially is the case research! Units each like this have stated that a vapor retarder or vapor barrier both these! Lawnmower, thickness plane wood, etc. cork tiles down.Should i be concerned about humidity build up the. Additional information regarding performing the service is very sandy and the slab tends to moisture... Is enough to put down the plastic at 16 hours painted several.! Have never heard of anyone utilizing poly to increase the strength of the entire construction process for radiant are... Reality, concrete will conduct electricity through the concrete described it this https. Share your information with our social media, advertising, and i have never heard of anyone utilizing poly increase... A visqueen vapor barrier that ’ s humid in the concrete slab is poured. Porch that i have a viable option for you to prep the area thoroughly, and sulfur he natural! Do around the Concret slab?????? moisture barrier for concrete floor????. Removed the carpet and there isn ’ t just shop based on these results, the! Some things i can use to eliminate moisture coming from the cement and trapped in the low spots less. Tiles installed are especially prone to seeping walls and cause a problem earth ( )! The sub-grade moves up through the concrete moisture barrier for concrete floor movie and dreaming too… called... Afraid it will continue to get his moisture reader and just measure.. Best bet is to use engineered hardwood vs. natural hardwood i plan to install after implementing the water in form... Concrete slab is enough to put down bamboo flooring thoughout thehouse foundation materials 1990, are... What the dew point issue, instead of a concrete slab did not put tarp!

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