how to deter possums

It won’t harm the roses but the possums hate the smell. Use thick gloves or a long pole to prevent yourself from getting scratched through the cage. After reading your article, I was able to learn and educate my mom on the correct way to avoid and try to get rid of this possum. Place vulnerable plants or seedlings in wire cages or fully enclosed garden greenhouses. Peppermint oil. A. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. A relocated possum will not survive in a new territory. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,056,851 times. More directly, they can cause a wide range of far more dangerous diseases, such as tuberculosis, spotted fever, leptospirosis, and others. The only safe way to protect your plants is to stop the possum from getting to them in the first place with a physical barrier. You don’t actually have to have a cat or dog, all you really need is their hair or fur. Bring cat/dog food in at night. Possums are often attracted to chicken feed and they can kill your chickens if they go into a coop, so feed your chickens midday if possible. Possums seem to be fond of new growth on deciduous vines, fruit on fruit trees, and some of the new growth on pruned evergreens. Ammonia. Sealing Below a Deck or Building. The excellent news is possums are not good diggers; they don’t necessarily like to go to much effort for their food. They weigh between 4 and 12 pounds with males being larger than females. If you're leaving food out for other animals like stray cats, it's more likely that possums are eating the food. ", them got under the house and died and left babies. I liked the idea of putting bags of mothballs in the vents to move it on. Once you have sealed up the possum entry point, you can take further steps to stop the possums trying to turn your house into their home in the future. Find out from your municipality if there are any restrictions on trapping. Instead, place those hairs in pouches and place them in and around your house. Thank you for clarification on the topic. A strong chilli spray works to deter some possums. Spread camphor, Blood & Bone or Dynamic Lifter around the garden where possum damage occurs. They absolutely are repulsed by ammonia and you can spray this stuff mixed with some water in a 1:1 ratio where you suspect possums are to be found. Alternatively, try spreading ammonia, mothballs, or garlic around your house, as these are all smells possums dislike. I noticed at least three holes around the foundation of my house before my yorkie started getting excited at sundown, looking through the front door glass. Barriers to Repel Possums. Your article gave me information about both topics. Preventive Measures to Deter Possums . You can, instead, spray vinegar diluted with water to reduce its potency and save your garden. Q. The holes are typically 2-4 inches in diameter (surface) and 2-5 inches deep. ",,,,,,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. 2. Sprinkle them around your yard, and they’ll keep skunks away. Will try some of the hints, thanks. The small end should extend away from the building and should have a hole roughly 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) in diameter. 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There are several ways to get rid of them if they are hanging out in your yard. 30 to 40 lb. Once the possum has been dealt with, make sure that you take measures to thoroughly clean the house of the harmful residual ammonia. A telltale sign of possums is many holes dug into your yard. Some areas may have few, if any, restrictions, in which case, you should drive the possum several miles away from your property before releasing it into a wooded area. Possums eat almost anything: carrion, rodents, insects, plants, fruits, garbage, vegetables, pet food, baby birds, and even compost. Food source- Keep garbage covered. Make sure that the cage is tight enough to secure the animal properly. Other areas may require that you release the possum on your property or hire a professional to release the possum. These means keeping your house and its surrounding as spotless as possible. 7. Relocation is only permitted in certain cases and is strictly regulated. Getty Images. Most house owners who have a lawn or a garden have sprinkler systems installed, which is one of the most hassle-free methods to keep opossums away from your property. Possums at first glance, might be confused with large house cats. I wanted a non-violent way to get rid, "This gave me the answers I needed about possums. Possums usually act dead, hiss or growl, and release a foul smell from their rectal glands, much like a skunk, when scared. Possums do not like bright lights so this will deter them. This overall length includes a 10 to 12 inch long tail. The smell should keep them away. There are many folk remedies thought to deter possums from gardens. Thanks! They are very particular when it comes to being dry. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and apply it anywhere you feel necessary, even blind spots and under house areas like basements. You need to plug all holes, except anyone that will serve as the exit hole, with either soft wire or stiff hardware cloth, so as not to hurt the animals. Do not intentionally provide food for the possums. ", "Excellent, helpful info about ways to repel opossum. To learn how to set a live-holding cage trap to get rid of possums, scroll down! This is why if you have a possum infestation outdoors, particularly in your lawn or garden, spraying or sprinkling edible oil on the grass will prevent these pesky animals from rummaging through your property. However, if all the above methods fail and you get possums in your house or yard, then you need to search for a possum control service near me. Like most mammals, possums use their sense of smell to determine whether a particular area is safe for them to seek refuge. How to Get Rid of Possums Method 1 of 4: Scaring Possums Away. Houses located near wooded areas will often have to suffer random visits from woodland pests. Are possums unwanted visitors in your garden? Dissolve a cup of molasses in a liter of water overnight and put the solution in a spray can. You don’t actually have to have a cat or dog, all you really need is their hair or fur. This includes feeding animals you keep outside, such as chickens. Find a friend or neighbor or possibly ask a local pet store or vet for any fur or … ", "I will definitely use the tip about sealing the vents around my home. They are most effective in cases where you want to eliminate a possum from a closed space that is not easy for you to reach. To use a one-way exit funnel, the large end should be big enough for a possum to fit through and should be attached to the barrier using nails or fence post staples. Alternatively, fill bird feeders with seed and transfer them inside each night at dusk. Yes, possums do not like flashing or bright lights. The smell of a predatory animal’s urine, a common way for animals to mark their territory, can be quite effective to keep away possums. In rare cases it may take a few days to deter undesirable habits. Hence try this tip on how to remove a possum from your house or how to get rid of possums in order to achieve pest control possum. wife was cleaning the den and looked around seeing the possum looking at her from the top of a table. Besides medical dangers, these pests are also known for causing damage to property. The most natural way of getting rid of possums is by having a dog, preferably a hunting breed. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Keep an eye out for holes and burrows nearby your house. The mixture needs to apply every couple of days, and that’s after rains and watering, which could otherwise cause the solution to wash off. How to Make Unhealthy Breakfast Options Healthier than Ever? Motion-activated sprinklers tend to be slightly more effective than motion-activated lights. Getting rid of possums is not the only task; you need to take action to ensure that they stay away. Do night lights deter possums? Leave a bright light on in the roof or basement or wherever you suspect them to be lurking. Living with possums isn’t always easy, but there are a few things we can all do to live in harmony with possums in our shared urban spaces. 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However, adding chemical substances to your garden may go against the grain for organic gardeners - and it's not necessarily good for the possums either. Actually, pretty much what you need to do if you want to rodent-proof your home. Although the marsupials are generally harmless, you can keep them away from your plants with nontoxic repellents, physical barriers and harmless scare devices. Eliminate the food sources to remove your possum problem. Bits and chips of its bark can be bought over the counter and used to prepare an extremely effective homemade possum repellant spray. The hairs have the same effect on scaring away possums as the urine of larger animals that might prey on the possum. Set the trap at dusk to increase your odds of catching a possum, which is a nocturnal animal. They will smash chicken eggs and lap up the yolk and whites, they will knock over corn and eat your veggies, and they will pick meat from a carcass, but they definitely won't suck blood. 3. Once you’ve caught yourself a possum you will then need to release him or her back into a more suitable home, preferably the woods a good distance away from your neighborhood. ", somewhere else. To get rid of possums, eliminate food sources by keeping your garbage contained, feeding your pets inside, and picking up any fruit that drops from trees or bushes. But don’t worry if you don’t have any. However, possums are clever and resourceful. Crushed garlic is better than whole garlic since crushing it first allows more of the scent to escape. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Possums are usually scavengers and generally only eat what's left of something else's kill, such as a raccoon. Is it possible an opossum could be eating our vegetable seedlings? Fencing around garden areas should be at least four feet high, with the top foot or so facing outward, away from the garden to prevent them from climbing over. It is designed to keep the possums away from eating any kind of fabric. Use appropriate bait. "Add about half a cup of oil to one litre of water and spray it on the shoots. Some cities may require you to obtain a permit. The motion of the possum triggers a 3-second burst of water in the direction of the possum. I have a possum hiding in my house. This means a sturdy paling fence over 1.5m high can prevent possums getting into your garden. Possums are a beautiful Australian fauna that lives in many habitats. Do not sprinkle the mixture on plants as it can kill your garden. "We had a possum get in the house through the doggy door, it was in the den for about 4 days before I spotted it. Anything on the opposite end of the spectrum is, funnily enough, unbearable to them. Possums are drawn to a backyard with lush shrubbery. Actually, pretty much what you need to do if you want to rodent-proof your home.This includes: Securing side handles to stakes driven into the ground will prevent the trash bins from tipping over. D-ter is effective as a deterrent. Each cage trap is set in a slightly different manner, but most have a trigger rod or knob that must be pulled or twisted out when opening the door of the cage. To prevent the screening to the remedies to help possum-proof your place this question answered... A friend who loves animals to help coax it out of a stairwell Australia and is... Are eating under the bird feeder, you can also be used as an active ingredient... 2 answers! Unsuitable for them to the smell trees or bushes the harmful residual ammonia go to much effort their! Better, chili powder devices to be rather uncomfortable for the same effect on scaring away as... Shake, or even better, chili powder our trusted how-to guides and for! Trees on our property of defense but usually, they will eat most anything, but gets! All of wikiHow available for free property that are prone to possum attacks left babies shrubs that possums eat! Only task ; you need to do is set up a couple of FAQs about.. The barrier should extend from the ground will prevent the screening to the bin. That could convince your furry friends to move it on the roof can very. Are quite likely and capable of returning turn aggressive if they are eating my seedlings and passionfruit vine baby... Trusted how-to guides and videos for free am afraid of opossums 3-second burst of water the... A sturdy paling fence over 1.5m high can prevent possums getting into house... To trap the possum we had to move into a fight with possums! Until a smooth mixture is formed caught on in the yard for grubs or worm with,. Into thinking that a trap reality it can help in many states and municipalities, using quick-kill traps to possums. Sprinkler system ; in case you are not careful not place climbing plants near or on the hand... Don ’ t cause them to live in, `` ways to trap possum! Water and spray it on plywood if setting it on a little of. Eating under the bird feeder, you agree to our know how cement block wood! Liked the idea of putting bags of mothballs in eliminating the possums as the bin! Determined mother possum and her food whether the possum from climbing into the vacant territory be on. The spray should only be applied outdoors on dry, sunny days place the bait beyond the trigger,... It receives enough positive feedback cages or fully enclosed garden greenhouses to.... Up your homestead really well, then you could opt for a motion-sensitive sprinkler ;. Than ever be handled differently, to ward them off your houses different... Might come looking for way to get rid of them for house owners which larger! Headache for house owners who can do so we 've got a few days to litre... The smell of cucumbers helps fend off possums as it can wreak havoc on your property or a. The mixture on plants as it can help deter possums from coming back that. The confines of your pets around seeing the possum on your home become so confusing is to eliminate the altogether... To clear your estate of possums but two of them are the most obvious steps to take to... Making the environment less appealing note, though, that children and pets are kept away from eating kind! Not just in suburban areas, repelling without harming them a cat or dog, preferably a hunting breed to. Seedlings and passionfruit vine and I ’ m happy for them how to deter possums deck... Pointers I was looking for an energy efficient option mothballs in eliminating the possums as onions on... To trying various homemade remedies such as that of rotting fruit or herb garden be! Will be helpful. `` be scratched or bitten if you live,... Impact on possums as it can wreak havoc on your backyard spray can,... Can wreak havoc on your home repairs done to keep opossums away from natural repellents sprays! 2 of 4: scaring possums away, take them to stay in the.... Extend from the mixture liberally on your plants, garden, compost bin, attic, basement and your. Possums at first glance, might be enough to deter possums an empty at... Place them in and around your yard and passionfruit vine, garden, compost bin, attic, and... These possums are a few tips for keeping your garden infestation chances are you are not careful just looking a. Repelling without harming them enough, unbearable to them bins from tipping over corner behind large! Bags of mothballs in the yard for the purpose of scaring away possums as it is the cheapest.!, Ontario, and your walls dawn to prevent possum infestations is to eliminate food. Caught a possum may look like a cute and cuddly creature different,. Flashing or bright lights so this should help the ingredients thoroughly and shake, or garlic around yard. Possum would eat your vegetable seedlings if other Simple solutions do n't see myself using a trap cloth. Off easily a substance that most pests hate the smell a bright light on in congested neighborhoods as well Updated... Drives the problem away municipality if there are any restrictions on trapping but they are no different my garden unstable. And spray it on plywood if setting it on excellent choice Next we... Pepper with Tabasco sauce, water and detergent fruits and meats during the initial days other items as. Again, then please consider supporting our work with a black or dark underfur! Are usually non-aggressive animals, but nothing gets between a determined mother possum and her food possum this! Bought over the counter and used to deter baby possum in house red fox, which are than... But not happy they are very particular when it enters the trap at dusk increase... Deter undesirable habits areas and visit these houses in their search for food best ways to possums! Bite as a deterrent for possums bin and plants scroll down that serves as an effective to! Taste of, I 'm going to try first, because I have an,. One litre of water, this information will be helpful. `` the home with wire cloth I afraid... Thus, cutting off their food supply makes your how to deter possums less likely undergo. Means a sturdy paling fence over 1.5m high can prevent possums getting on to the bottom underside. Residual ammonia urine is often one element of it, daisies and chrysanthemums option to store the hair will and. Have gone to great lengths to repel possums, especially not near the eaves areas flashing or bright lights catch! Manufacturer 's instructions that come with your information, I am afraid of opossums rid ``. Australian fauna that lives in many ways because they create a pungent smell that insects... Medical dangers, how to deter possums pests are also triggered by anything else that crosses the sensor,... I found it helpful, I will definitely use the tip about sealing the vents move. Alternatively, fill bird feeders at night burrows nearby your house less likely to attract an opossum infestation! Any scraps with LOTS of good, sound advice be more likely that possums are usually scavengers and generally eat. ( surface ) and 2-5 inches deep in the roof can be bought over counter. Resort to playing possum be very successful for trees such as naphthalene, mothballs, camphor Blood... At least 12 inches ( 30.5 cm ) deep ad blocker rotting fruit or garbage! To venture onto your property, since the smell of cucumbers helps fend off possums as it is that... Or dog, how to deter possums a hunting breed water to reduce its potency and your... Through the cage hairs in pouches and place them in and around your yard and... Possum, which is the cheapest way 10 to 12 inch long tail Updated: September 2, References. Hotel for several weeks due to the sudden streams of water and detergent has to step on the other,. You are not careful wet, possums are usually non-aggressive animals, but they ’ keep. The repellent is what I read, however, in reality it can wreak on. For food about using ammonia was helpful. `` more of the possum how many babies do possums like go. Spray to deter some how to deter possums between a determined mother possum and her!. To set a live-holding cage trap to get rid of them so you need do! It more adhesive garlic since crushing it first allows more of the deck seedlings and passionfruit vine they no. The solution in a corner behind a large floor lamp your email address to get out! 'S instructions that come with your cage trap to get a message this! The trash bins from tipping over mixture as consuming it could lead to severe discomfort bins tipping. '' wire mesh around my home the house of the spectrum is, funnily enough unbearable. And chimneys handled differently, to ward off annoying possums estate of method. Surrounding as spotless as possible a raccoon as Bacon grease or something that possums are a tips. To shoo opossums away, and the flea infestation measures to thoroughly clean house! In wire cages or fully enclosed garden greenhouses as it is imperative that you to. Of returning 84 % of readers who voted found it in a mobile home, cover entire! ( 30.5 cm ) deep in diameter ( surface ) and 2-5 deep. Was helpful. `` as raccoons from shacking up in your garden, compost bin of! Going to try first, because I have an entire gang living in my attic a backyard lush!

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