Recycling of Small Electronics

Recycling of Small Electronics?

Recycling Small electronics is something that Theusedcomputers does. Items like, Keyboards, Mouse, Printers, Wires are recycled. Size really doesnt matter for us. We are proud to help residents and businesses in the United States with free electronics and computer recycling. We offer our services at absolutely no charge. We require businesses to have a minimum of 10 items for us to be able to offer a free pickup. Residents and businesses are welcome to drop off items of whatever quantity at our facilities. We accept one item to thousands of items at no cost to you.  Help keep our environment clean and e-waste free by recycling all your electronics and computers with theusedcomputers!

                            Electronics Recycling & Hard Drive Shredding in Boston

 We offer Electronics Recycling, On-Site Hard Drive Shredding and Secure Data Destruction options. Disposal of IT Equipment and electronics has never been easier or more secure.

Electronic Waste Recycling & Hard Drive Shredding Boston


 Hard Drive Shredding, Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction

20160218_115727Theusedcomputers adheres to a strict data security process. Having fortune 500 companies as our clients, US Government and Local governments, we have to ensure that all data from hard drives that we receive is completely destroyed. We take time to go through each machine to check if it has a hard drive and then we destroy all the data it contains.



On-Site Hard Drive Shredding & IT Asset Disposition

20160218_115806Our recycling process for Electronics is very simple and quite eco-friendly process. The materials we recycle are processed mainly for reuse and what cant be reused is broken down for parts or for raw material. We ensure all hard drives have their data destroyed and when it comes to shredding, no hard drive can be reconstructed. All the shredding is down to small components.

We follow all set guidelines set by the EPA and other Federal and State environmental agencies. We also follow guidelines set by industry organizations.

                      Secure Recycling of Computers, Laptops, Televisions & More:




                            Boston Electronics Recycling & On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

20160218_121712We offer Hard Drive Shredding and Secure E-Waste Recycling all over USA. Theusedcomputers is the nationwide leader in responsible electronics recycling. If you have old electronics laying around, let us collect and recycle them. By using theusedcomputers Recycling services you will be contributing to a better environment. Recycle responsibly today.


                           Computer Disposal & Certified Data Destruction

cropped-IMG-20140722-00001.jpgWe offer the best services in Certified Data Destruction, Hard Drive Shredding and Secure Computer Recycling & Disposal. We scrap materials and what we recover include iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, glass, shredded circuit boards, precious metal mix, and other valuable materials. Some of these products are further processed through a network of partner companies and other responsible recyclers.

Electronic items processed by theusedcomputers are first evaluated to determine if they can be reused or broken down for parts. Electronic items may be disassembled and the components separated for refurbishment, salvage, or scrap as e-waste.




                             Nationwide Processing Centers

Recycling used electronics is not only good for your business but its great for the environment.

We have a network of partners all over the United States and can pick up computers and used electronics from anywhere at short notice. All ewaste is properly and responsibly recycled.